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Tiffany Epps, Certified Nurse Practitioner

Tiffany graduated from The Ohio State University with an MS in Adult Primary Care.  Prior to OSU, she attended Miami University and received her BA.  She worked as an RN in a long-term care facility prior to pursuing a career as a Nurse Practitioner.  In graduate school, she completed extensive experience with direct patient care in different clinical settings.  She says the best experience was working in movement disorders, which is why she pursued an NP job in neurosurgery.  In her free time, Tiffany likes to watch football, play volleyball and take her dog for walks in the park.

You can reach Tiffany at tiffany@drshehadi.com

Amy Marlowe, Front Desk & Referral Coordinator

Amy is a compassionate and caring individual, which is ideal for any medical practice.

You can reach Amy at amy@drshehadi.com

Jennifer Waterman, Medical Assistant

Jennifer is a very caring and kind person. She graduated in 2006 with a medical assisting and billing degree. In her spare time, she enjoys music, movies and anything adventurous with her family. The best part of her job is working with a great team that has so much compassion for every single patient.

You can reach Jennifer at jennifer@drshehadi.com

Alla Gierhart, Office Manager, and Surgery Scheduler

Alla is very caring and compassionate.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and has extensive experience in healthcare spanning 10 years.

You can reach Alla at Alla@drshehadi.com

Scott Naples, Physician Assistant

Scott is a former US Navy Medical Officer who works part time as our surgical Physician Assistant in the operating room.  He holds  degrees from Miami University, University of Missouri, and Drexel University. His early career interests were clinical research investigating  the neurologic and metabolic consequences of obesity and physical inactivity. He has multiple publications.  His clinical medicine experiences have taken him around the world as a U.S. Navy medical officer and included deployment to the Middle East where he served as a trauma team leader and surgical first assist. He moved back to Ohio to be closer to family and friends. Along with his position with Neurosurgical Associates, he also works within Emergency Medicine.  In his spare time, Scott enjoys running, golfing, cooking, spending time with his dog, and traveling.

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To provide all patients with the highest quality of patient care and neurosurgical services in a compassionate and empathetic environment. Each team member of Neurosurgery Associates is committed to exceeding your expectations.




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