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What is Spinal Decompression?

https://youtu.be/5LlyQmmtE9U Explained by Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi from Neurosurgery Associates in Columbus Ohio. Patients often come to us with low back pain, they frequently get diagnosed with what they call lumbar spinal stenosis. MRI of the lumbar spine is typically needed to make the diagnosis properly of lumbar spinal stenosis. Stenosis is a medical term […]

Treatments of Concussions due to Football and other injuries

In a recent interview, we asked Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi to give us an overview of concussions. Read the interview and Watch the video. The Interviewer: “We’re here in Columbus Ohio with doctor Joseph Shehadi, the neurosurgeon and he will be answering some of our questions today. Our first question is about football and concussions […]

Neck Injury Overview, By Dr. Shehadi

  Neck injuries are unfortunately very, very common. They occur both in auto accidents as well as in sports injuries.   The management or treatment of a neck injury usually has four components:   Number one is rest, number two is anti-inflammatory painkillers, number three is to get an MRI of the cervical spine which […]

A Promising Molecule may reverse Brain Damage

There may now be a new treatment to help patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a neurological disorder. The key to this process is a brain molecule called N-acetylaspartate (NAA), also known as the “Antifreeze” molecule, which acts on proteins that are associated with neurological problems and decline in cognitive ability. […]

Adult Vs Pediatric Neurosurgeon. What are the differences?

At Neurosurgery Associates, patients often ask us about the main differences between an adult and a pediatric neurosurgeon. In this short video, Dr. Joseph Shehadi, neurosurgeon specialized in the treatment of adults, tackles the subject.   He notes three major differences: 1- Patient age group. 2- Problems treated. 3- Studies and training.   1- An […]

Are You Doing These 3 Things To Your Neck?

It’s alarming but true that some common, everyday actions can be bad for your neck—especially if they’re done frequently. Working to break these common habits can do a world of good for your neck health, preventing pain and stiffness.