Dr. Shehadi’s DBM Publication

We are very excited to announce the official publication of Dr. Shehadi’s paper on demineralized bone matrix (DBM) products for spinal fusions! Please help us in congratulating Dr. Shehadi and click the link below to view the full paper.

Review of commercially available demineralized bone matrix products for spinal fusions: A selection paradigm

demineralized bone matrixBackground: Spinal fusions are commonly performed in the U.S. each year for a variety of spinal pathologies. There are multiple commercially available graft material options for these procedures, including an abundance of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) products.
Methods: This study reviews, clearly organizes, and puts forth meaningful information on the select biological and physical properties of several commercially available DBM products. Additionally, we provide an alternative classification method of DBM products by carrier.
Results: This review takes a closer look at the commercial and distributor practices of these products and companies to increase transparency between the consumer and source companies.
Conclusions: We propose a novel patient-centered approach to DBM product selection. This requires prioritizing patient safety, product effectiveness, and product transparency. This offers a practical paradigm to facilitate informed product choice for surgeons and hospital systems alike.

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