Instrumented Spinal Fusion

What is a spinal fusion?

Spinal fusion is a surgery performed to fuse two or more vertebrae together. This procedure is also known as arthrodesis. The procedure involves a bone graft so the bones can fuse, or grow together. There are several types of bone grafts, but most commonly an autograft (patient bone) or allograft (donor bone) are used. In an instrumented spinal fusion, instruments are used to stabilize the spine while the bones fuse.

What instruments are implanted?

To stabilize the vertebrae while the process of fusion takes place, instruments like metal plates, screws, rods, hooks and cages are implanted into the spine. Cages are small structures that allow the bone to grow through and around them. These instruments are traditionally made out of titanium or stainless steel.

instrumented spinal fusion instrumented spinal fusion

When is an instrumented spinal fusion necessary?

Instrumented spinal fusions are done for a variety of reasons. This type of procedure can treat a spinal fracture, correct a spinal deformity like scoliosis, or help stabilize the spine after a surgical procedure. Surgical procedures that take place to remove a tumor, fix a malformation or correct the spine after a trauma can negatively affect spinal stability.

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