Overview of Neck Injuries

Neck Injury Overview, By Dr. Shehadi

Neck injuries are unfortunately very, very common.

They occur both in auto accidents as well as in sports injuries.

The management or treatment of a neck injury usually has four components:

Number one is rest, number two is anti-inflammatory painkillers, number three is to get an MRI of the cervical spine which helps to identify ligamentous injury and or traumatic herniated discs.

The fourth component is the usage of a hard-cervical collar for stability and comfort.

We use the best brand on the market and it is adjustable so it’s one size fits all and we can distribute them here in our office.

Fortunately, neck injuries in general, rarely ever need to have surgery.

If you are experiencing neck pain or if you are suffering from any brain or spine related disorder or injury and live in the Columbus, Ohio>area, contact us today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shehadi.