Treatments of Concussions due to Football and other injuries

In a recent interview, we asked Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi to give us an overview of concussions.

Read the interview and Watch the video.

The Interviewer:

“We’re here in Columbus Ohio with doctor Joseph Shehadi, the neurosurgeon and he will be answering some of our questions today.
Our first question is about football and concussions and the injuries that are related to football.
So, doctor Joseph Shehadi Can you please enlighten us a bit about the topic?”

Dr. Shehadi

“Concussion is a very hot topic nowadays, especially with all the media frenzy and the news articles on CTE and head injuries in the NFL.
A Concussion by definition is a temporary or transient impairment of brain functions. It is usually classified as mild, moderate or severe. However, there’s some controversy as to whether loss of consciousness is necessary for the definition, whether headaches and symptoms are necessary and whether or not you have a focal neurological deficit.”

The Interviewer:

“Thank you for your clarifications, what can be the treatments for such concussions?”

Dr. Shehadi

“Well the best treatment I think for concussion is threefold:
Number one is rest

Number two is the removal from the field, which is usually temporary

Number three is a quantitative and qualitative assessment tool to define your symptoms, the resolution of your symptoms, the extent of neurological deficits and whether you’re safe to return to the field.
and for that Component here at Neurosurgery Associates, we use the latest technology, namely Clear Edge which is a complex software.

Sports, in general, are a very important part of our culture and have many benefits, such as camaraderie, hard work, etcetera. However, unfortunately, injuries occur and when they do feel confident, knowing that Associates. Because we have the latest technology and expertise and software. First in Columbus OH, to best treat the athlete And have them back on the field as safely and as soon as possible “